Review of Law Practice Management Software -- Clio

Review of Law Practice Management Software — Clio

One of the leading options for cloud-based legal software is Clio. This innovative software solution is designed for growing business, simplifying operations and assisting law firms of all sizes with a important set of features.

The Clio software solution contains basic features like a document and matter management interface as well as time tracking for billing. Other important features include marketing analysis, credit card processing and integration with over 50 partners . Clio is the one stop tool for optimizing your legal firm.

Overview of the User Experience

The platform provides a simplistic approach to managing all contacts and cases. You will also find an agenda for keeping track of tasks and important dates.  Document assembly is an important feature of this law practice management software.

While the manufacturers claim this is a software for all sizes of law firm, users in the medium and small law firms have had the greatest experiences with Clio. But not too small, the platform is not as friendly for solo practitioners. Partly because the billing system included is highly comprehensive and can be too much for the solo.

The bill printing feature is one point that has received some negative points. Printing jobs have a tendency to look a bit shoddy when left on automation. On buyer reported this to the customer support but was told to open the individual bill and make adjustments from there.

Review of Law Practice Management Software -- Clio

What’s to Like about the Clio Legal Software Solution

Clio’s configurable interface provides stable service and includes a convenient payment portal. Many documents can be accepted into the service. Customer’s have also commented on the exceptional support from the help desk.

Clio’s price is fairly reasonable ($39.00/mo/each user) and the customizable templates provided give the user many options.  The user-friendly interface also features a strong invoicing system that is well suited to medium sized firms.

What’s Not to Like

There have been some comments on the way it prints bills and has to be adjusted individually, which detracts from the “automation” feature. Another of the few complaints about this software solution is the need to use a different CRM system when keeping track of valuable clients.

Final Word

Clio has been found impressive and comprehensive. This one-stop-shop for law firms offers incredible value to the firm for a comparatively low price. For all medium law firms this software solution is ideal.