Review of A1 Tracker Law Practice Management Software

Review of A1 Tracker Law Practice Management Software

The A1 Tracker software solution for law firms provides a highly customizable approach to online project management. This allows the program to be adapted to the needs of different industries. Project managers can adjust and create many different aspects of their user interface, including  project templates, maximum project budgets, project work hour activities, project billing rates and project material for unit costs.


Work progress can also be controlled and monitored by project accountants and managers using the A1 system. Approval processes can be setup to ensure project controls costs are tightly controlled.


Overview of the User Experience


A simplistic startup process is the first advantage of this software solution, The A1 system can use existing spreadsheet data from an Excel sheet to customize a tool that will be easier to manage and use than those previously used. The program can be further customized to fit the needs of your current contract management process.


This software was designed to be highly user friendly and be adapted to the needs of the company. A1’s help desk reflects this and provides attentive service and a satisfactory user experience. User’s should consider all their requirements before selecting a software solution, but if you aren’t sure what they are , don’t worry. The helpful help desk can help you define your needs and find solutions.


While this can add some time to the process, it will save plenty of time in the future. The entire purpose of this software is to simplify these processes, the better you define your needs, the better solution this software can provide.


What’s to Like about the A1 Tracker System


Two of the biggest “Pro’s” of this software is the professional customer support and the user licensing price. The capacity to fit the needs of various companies can be used to unprecedented convenience but takes some skills and patience to apply. The excellent customer support will be of great help here. The fixed budget system ensures you will not be met with any unpleasant surprises along your way.


What’s Not to Like


Many buyers have experienced an unusually steep learning curve needed to understand the intricacies of the administrative functions. But this is what is required to enjoy the fully-customizable solution for complex business needs.


Final Word


Law firms of all sizes should take the time to decide what they need from their software before making a call. A business flow chart will also ensure you get the most from your software solutions.