An Honest Review Of Abacus Law

An Honest Review Of Abacus Law

When it comes to law practice management software, choosing the right one is essential. AbacusLaw is one of the many programs available. Here is a good idea of what you can expect if you choose to give it a try.


Abacus Law was created to help people run their law practices with ease. It can help with everything from managing your time well to conflict checking to form automation. This product is available for use on the private cloud, which is perfect for those who are worried about what to do when a professional disaster strikes.

Besides the features mentioned above, here are several more that are offered:

  • Discovery Management
  • Docket Management
  • Case Notes
  • Expense Tracking
  • Trust Accounting

There are more, but that was a brief glimpse into what one could expect if they decide to use this software.

An Honest Review Of Abacus Law

User Friendliness

One issue that many people faced when using this product is the fact that it was not particularly user-friendly. With that said, people found this software worked much better for them once they had become familiar with it. Their biggest gripe was the fact that simple tasks seem to take multiple steps to complete when it could have been done with just one.

The Cost

When this product was introduced many years ago, it was offered to customers as a straightforward purchase. At some point, it switched to a model where it would be necessary for each user to purchase a license if they wanted to take advantage of what this software has to offer. Currently, they are looking for a monthly fee from each person who uses it. This may not be so bad for a practice with one or two legal eagles, but it can be incredibly pricey for those who have more than a handful.

Bear in mind that there is a free demo available for those who are interested in trying it. This will help you gauge whether or not this is something that is useful to you, or if another software would be better.

Honestly, I would not go out and spend money on Abacus Law right away. I think the best course of action would be to try the demo, get your feet wet and little and decide if this is something that is worth investing money into. If it isn’t, there are many other options out there to choose from.